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What You Need To Know About Nevada City and Grass Valley

Once California’s third largest city, Nevada City, the “Queen City of the Northern Mines”, has much to offer today’s visitor. The historic district, with its gas lamp lit streets and beautifully preserved gold rush era buildings will transport you back to another time. Enjoy fine restaurants, theater and other cultural events. Visit unique shops or tour the town in a horse drawn carriage.

downtown Nevada City, CA

Although winter snows don’t linger long on the ground here, some of the high Sierra’s best skiing, both downhill and cross-country, is barely an hour’s drive away via Hwy. 20. Experience the gold rush at Empire Mine and Malakoff Diggings State Parks, or bike the trails of Tahoe National Forest. Photograph the spring wildflowers and fall colors. Swim, boat, raft and fish the local rivers and lakes.

Nevada City AttractionsYuba at Washington


Nevada City Locale and Tourists enjoying local attractions



The following list of links is here to help you find Restaurants, Caterers, Groceries, Nightlife, Entertainment and Venues in and around the Nevada City and Grass Valley area near our lodging  accommodation. If the business of interest didn’t have a website at the time of publishing this page, we have included a link to its reviews. We do periodic updates.


Nevada City Restaurants | Nightlife (bars, pubs Wineries and clubs) | Markets and Delis

Grass Valley Restaurants | Events, Venues and Catering | Entertainment/ Performing Arts |

Local Chambers of Commerce | Distances from PHC |



specialty dessert

Nevada City Restaurants Restaurant, Tavern, Entertainment, Venue Unique California Cuisine French Creole Upscale California and International Cuisine Grill and Pizza Organic Grill in Back of Organic Market Upscale Unique California Cuisine Sushi Chinese Thai Cuisine Organic California Cuisine Roadhouse, Steaks, Fish, Spirits Organic Market and Food court Deli Grill and Tap House Sushi Organic Vegetarian, Vegan Crepes and Catering Pizza Plus, local delivery Old fashioned Classic Café Bistro and Art Gallery Bistro  Libations and snacks  Authentic Mexican Traditional Mexican and Salvadoran Cuisine  Sushi Bakery, Brewery, Artisan Restaurant Menu Artisan Eatery Herbal Lounge Roadhouse Restaurant and Brewery



Markets and Delis Nevada City IGA Market & Deli Nevada City Grass Valley Nevada City Nevada City Nevada City Nevada City Outer Nevada City




Bars, Saloons, Breweries, Tap Houses and Wine Tasting Nevada City Nevada City Nevada City Nevada City Restaurant, Tavern, Entertainment, Venue Nevada City Nevada City Roadhouse Restaurant and Brewery Nevada City Nevada City Nevada City Nevada City Nevada City Tasting room 25 min outside of Nevada City Proper Nevada City Tasting room Nevada City Winery/Grass Valley Tasting room Grass Valley Rough & Ready Winery & Tasting room Grass Valley Winery & Tasting room Grass Valley/Chicago Park Winery & Tasting room Grass Valley Winery, Bistro & Tasting room Penn Valley winery Auburn Winery Grass Valley Winery & Tasting room Grass Valley Tasting room Grass Valley Winery & Tasting room



Events, Venues and Catering Music venue and events Events Venue, County Fair in August Events Venue Bicycling events, rental/repairs Catering Catering Specialty Event Planning Venue, Restaurant, Entertainment Venue Venue/Performing Arts Venue, Restaurant, Music, Catering, Brewery Venue Venue Venue Venue Venue Venue Venue Catering Catering




Entertainment and Performing Arts Historic State Park Venue, Restaurant, Music, Catering, Brewery Venue, Restaurant, Entertainment Venue and Music Venue, County Fair in August Multiple Events Grass Valley, Nevada City Performing Arts Sierra, Sutton, Del Oro and Nevada Film Series Nevada City   (formerly The Magic Theater) Nevada City and Off Center Stage Grass Valley Grass Valley Performing Arts Community Asian Theater Railroad Museum

Legacy Productions  Grass Valley, Nevada City Performing Arts Performing Arts/Storytelling




Local Chambers of Commerce/State and County sites Nevada County Tourism Website fish and game Forest Ranger, Nevada City Office Geotourism Website




Grass Valley Restaurants Coffee House Premium Coffee Roaster Italian Cuisine Chilean/South American Cuisine Cafe Bakery  Pizza Sushi California Cuisine Mexican Cuisine Pasties Cafe `Organic Cuisine  Italian Cuisine Organic Cuisine Bakery & Deli California Cuisine Pizzeria & Cafe Cafe Breakfast and Lunch Café


Inclusion in these lists does not constitute an endorsement of said business unless otherwise noted. There are many others not included in these lists and they can be found here:




There are hundreds of rivers, lakes and streams within a few minutes to an hour or so in any direction of Piety Hill Cottages, where you can whet your appetite on the local trout habitats. You will find Rainbows, Browns and Brookies as well as Kokanee, Salmon, Bass and Catfish.

Follow one or all of the links below for more local fishing info: Fish and Game Forest Ranger, Nevada City Office




Hiking and Biking

The Sierra foothills are teeming with trails suited to all manner of hikers and bikers. They are responsible in large part for the migration of lowlanders on any given weekend to the Sierra Foothills and to Nevada City in particular. The Nevada County/City Parks and the Forestry Departments have endeavored to maintain well used favorites and add new trails regularly. There are varying degrees of difficult from Handicap accessible to Extreme.
The 1st link below is to the “Tour of Nevada City Bicycle Shop” website with many listed trails and their degree of difficulty. Bicycling events, rental/repairs, Trails–near–nevada-city-ca



Distance from Piety Hill Cottages Motel and Bed & Breakfast to:


Restaurants & Venues | Local Lodging | Schools | Markets & Groceries

Cities&Towns | International Airports |Lakes, Rivers, Parks & Museums

Restaurants, Libations & Venues

Historic Downtown Nevada City                                  0.4 mi

Miners Foundry                                                               0.4 mi

Nevada City Winery                                                        0.4 mi

All Downtown Nevada City Restaurants & Bars       0.4 mi – .06 mi

Fudnjuice organic food stand                                       0.5 mi

Organic Grill/California Organics                               0.4 mi

Jernigan’s Grill & Tap House                                       0.4 mi

Old Republic Brewery                                                    0.4 mi

The Willo Steakhouse                                                     2.5 mi

Old Republic Roadhouse Brewery                               5.1 mi

Nevada County Fairgrounds                                         5.7 mi.

Stone House                                                                     0.5 mi.

The Roth Estate                                                               3.2 mi.



Local Lodging


Outside Inn                         0.8 mi

Deer Creek Inn                   0.5 mi

Broad Street Inn                0.6 mi

The Madison House          0.5 mi   (formerly The Parsonage)

The Red Castle                   0.4 mi    (closed)

Emma Nevada House       0.7 mi

Northern Queen                0.4 mi

Nevada City Inn                 0.5 mi

Harmony Ridge Lodge     5.4 mi





The California College of Ayurveda                        0.1 mi 

In The Kitchen                                                             0.1 mi 

The Aviation & Electronics School of America    0.5 mi

Flower Essence                                                           4.6 mi

Ananda Village                                                          15.7 mi





California Organics, Organic Grill            0.4 mi

SPD Market                                                   0.3 mi

Briar Patch Co-op                                         3.1 mi

Safeway                                                           2.2 mi

Savemart                                                         2.2 mi

Grocery Outlet                                               2.3 mi



Cities/Towns From PHC to downtown


Auburn                                               27.7 mi

Grass Valley                                        4.0 mi

Penn Valley                                       12.2 mi

North San Jaun                                14.4 mi

Lake Tahoe                                        65.1 mi

South Lake Tahoe                            94.5 mi

Reno, Nevada                                   84.2 mi

Beal AFB                                            32.8 mi.



International Airports


Sacramento, CA (SMF)            67.2 mi

Reno, Nevada (RNO)               88.5 mi

Oakland, CA (OAK)                   150 mi

San Francisco, CA (SFO)          158 mi

San Jose, CA (SJC)                     175 mi



Lakes and rivers, Parks and Museums


S. Yuba River State Park (HWY 49 Bridge)   7.5 mi.

S. Yuba River State Park (Bridgeport Covered Bridge [15 mi. back roads])   20.0 mi.

Edwards Crossing Yuba River     8.0 mi.

Purdon Crossing Yuba River        7.6 mi.

Malakoff Digging State Park      28.4 mi.

Empire Mine State Park                5.6 mi.

Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum     1.3 mi.

Pelton Wheel Mining Museum     5.1mi.

Collins Lake                                   36.0 mi.

Rollins Lake                                   10.2 mi.

Bullard’s Bar Reservoir               31.4 mi.

Lake Wildwood                             15.4 mi.

Scotts Flat Reservoir                     8.3 mi.

Englebright Lake                         28.7 mi.

Lake Spaulding                            26.3 mi.

Fuller Lake                                    27.6 mi.

Bowman Lake (4WD recommended)         39.5 mi.

Lake of the Pines                         18.9 mi.